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Hospice is a dark place where people go to die. It is not a place that any person in their right mind ever wants to go. No way, not me, I am here to help and make people better.

Yes, this was me, one of the founders of Berkley. Having been around home health for over 20 years, how could I embrace the dark side where patients go to die. My name is Gary and this is my short story.

As the year comes to an end I tend to reflect on things and evaluate what has been accomplished, what remains to be done. I look at my mistakes, successes, regrets and joys that come with the trust and the responsibility of managing teams of health care professionals.

As I reflect on my decision to embrace Hospice Care as one of our lines of business, I am proud of the choice I made. Hospice ideology is that of being a Sheppard and a Guardian of our patients and their families as they embrace their final journey no matter how long or where it takes the patients.

I have to admit that meeting with the families and patients and hearing their stories and seeing first hand the passion and dedication of our growing team has made me a convert. I am bought into the Hospice Mission, hook line and sinker!

I am proud to serve our patients, their families and our team.

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