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Covid and Hospice

We have learned so many things in the last few months of Covid slowly infiltrating our country and what we have learned as hospice providers. Although mistakes have been made and our entire health care community had to re-learn everything we know about infectious disease, our mission of care has not changed. We support the ones that need us most and we show up, granted we are gowned up, masks, shields, gloves but the commitment is still there. One thing we have learned is that the dedication of hospice providers to the patients goes above and beyond. An article published on WebMD brought yet another perspective of Covid and dying alone. Although a very difficult decision for patients and their families but hospice at home during this difficult time is an option and often the right one for some families and their love ones. A small snippet from the article where, "Leora Horwitz, MD, a doctor treating COVID-19 patients at New York University’s Langone Health, recently reported that two of her patients had chosen hospice care over a ventilator. The No. 1 priority for many, she tweeted, is “not to die alone in hospital.” Although not an easy read, it reflects on one of the cornerstones of Hospice, to allow the patient a choice and to be in control of the last path of their journey.

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