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Volunteer opportunities: 

Berkley Hospice is currently seeking amazing volunteers to visit and support our patients & their families in the Denver Metro area.

Our hospice volunteers possess the following qualities:  a calm and comforting demeanor, attentive, active listening skills, warm and friendly, empathetic and understanding of our patients needs with an ability to maintain excellent boundaries.  If this description defines you, consider becoming a volunteer for Berkley Hospice – our volunteers regularly state that they receive much more than they give through their volunteer experience!

We request that our volunteers complete all required training, reference checks, interviews, paperwork, as well as a background check & tuberculosis testing (background check and TB testing provided at no cost to you). 


Volunteers are crucial to hospice patients and their families. They provide support that helps enhance the patient's quality of life and reduces the family's care-giving burden. Every hospice volunteer has something special and significant to contribute, and Berkley Hospice welcomes new ideas.

Here are the basic requirements for volunteering. You must be able to:​

  • Communicate effectively

  • Provide current ID card or driver’s license and liability insurance

  • Open to being part of our hospice team

  • Meet local health regulations, such as a tuberculosis screen (when applicable)

  • Submit to criminal background check and drug testing

  • Perform tasks as arranged with volunteer coordinator

  • Provide parental consent and adult supervision if under the age of 18


In addition to the basic requirements, direct volunteers (as opposed to administrative volunteers), are trained on the psycho-social, spiritual and medical aspects of end of life. Out of respect for the grieving process, we also ask that grieving family members wait at least 13 months prior to beginning hospice volunteering.

Direct volunteers, particularly those interested in companionship, spend about eight hours in training. Specialist volunteers, such as those that provide pet therapy and music, spend about four hours in training.


There’s no set amount of hours per week that you must commit to volunteering with Berkley  Hospice. We simply ask that volunteers visit with patients per the guidance of our clinical team. The time, frequency and length of visits however, are up to the volunteer.

Training is individualized to each candidate and Berkley Hospice, so please check with our volunteer coordinator for specific information.​

We look forward to your service and are beyond grateful for you generous nature in this extremely important task. 

For Volunteer Inquiries, please contact Gary at 303.758.2000 or

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