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Angels come in all forms.

Help thy fellow neighbor. It is hard to imagine that at times stars align and in their way an Angel comes through.

We are so fortunate to have had such an Angel come through for one of our amazing patients. Angel Amy gifted one of our patients a lift / recliner chair which has made the life of one of our amazing patients so much better. 

A true blessing and a story that is truly heart warming. 

Here are the facts:

Patient really needed a specialized chair that was needed to make her life easier. No such chair was available and the retail costs are simply out of this world. Berkley team engaged the Dream Foundation but sadly, we learned that their funding  has been cut. Not to despair, our team member went to social media and posted the short story (not including any names or locations) and voila. A total stranger, had one that they wanted to share with a person they never met. 

Another team member arranged to have the chair transported and the funds that paid for that pick-up, delivery and install came from a donation generously made by a (J.R.S) friend of one of Berkley Hospice patients who recently passed away and the result is an amazing client whose life has been made better by a few angels who she has never met! 

Kudos to such amazing folks and their hear warming actions!!!! 

A love for the stranger is hard to define, It happens at times when the stars align!!!

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