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We are a high quality Denver based Hospice Organization



Berkley Team is here to ease the physical, emotional and spiritual pain of any person in our community facing a serious illness. That means no matter what your diagnosis – heart or lung disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer or any other illness with a life expectancy of six months or less – you won’t have to face it alone.

You will be cared for by a highly experienced team of healthcare professionals who will work with you and your family to make decisions about your care.


Your care team will be built around your needs; which members of the team visit and how often will be determined by you and your unique needs.


Berkley Palliative Team specializes in caring for patients with a serious illness who are not yet ready for hospice care but need the support.


The team is comprised of Palliative Care trained MSWs, nurses,  nurse practitioners and is overseen by a Medical Director. The Team are experts in pain and symptom control.

It’s important to know that these specialists care for Berkley patients  who still are seeking curative



Our team of palliative care experts can help guide you through your questions and needs through your journey with your diagnoses and help with resources to ease your concerns.



As humans, we all grieve at our own pace, our own way and our own time.


Berkley Bereavement Team can help guide you through the complicated and sometimes overwhelming grieving process. You do not have to grieve alone.

We offer an extensive bereavement program, including individual counseling, a variety of support groups and one on one sessions with our chaplains for the families grieving the loss of someone they love.


Bereavement Services are open to families of our community who need additional support, and for the loved ones of our patients.

Why Berkley Hospice?

We offer comfort and care when a cure is no longer possible. Our goal is for our patients to spend their final days with dignity, with as much comfort as possible, surrounded by their loved ones. Berkley Hospice affirms life and regards dying as a normal process. We seek to improve the patient’s quality of life by focusing on physical symptoms, as well as emotional, social, and spiritual needs, while at the same time providing a support system to the patient's family.

Berkley Hospice Team respect patients’ need for control over their own lives, so patients and families are included in all patient care decisions.


Hospice staff members are experts in state-of-the-art pain management. Most treatments needed to make a terminally ill patient physically comfortable can be provided at home. In the rare cases when symptoms cannot be controlled at home, transfer to an inpatient facility is available.

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10697 E. Dartmouth Ave.,

Aurora, CO 80014

Tel: 720.722.9020

Fax: 720.407.2960

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